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At The Doggie Den we offer the most professional doggy daycare, grooming and obedience training in central Massachusetts.  WE LOVE DOGS, and we've been taking care of them professionally for 14 years. 
Everyone on our staff is trained in her specific area.  Susan, Jennifer, Randi, and Amanda are experienced daycare professionals who know how to help dogs enjoy themselves safely in play groups (no cages during the play day!)  Susan is certified as a dog care specialist by the Joint Dog Care Professionals Council; and she and Jennifer are both certified in canine first aid by the Red Cross. Shawna has been a professional groomer for years and has attracted a large, loyal following.  In 2011 she earned a Talk of the Town Award for outstanding customer service.  She'll groom your dog the way you want!  And she's gentle and compassionate with dogs who find the grooming process... well, tedious. Shannon is our canine obedience specialist and she gets raves from her customers.  She does evening classes and she'll also come to your house to help you solve any problems you're having with your furry family member. Check us out at www.thedoggieden.net! Or call now: 508-393-6970.
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