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Who am I? I am a professional genealogist from Northborough, MA with over 10 years of research experience and am a graduate of the Genealogical Research program at Boston University's Center for Professional Education. I hold memberships in the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Massachusetts Genealogical Society, and the National Genealogical Society. My undergraduate degree is in Economics (Wellesley College, '84) and my background is in training and development. As for my personal family story, my eclectic line comprises English Puritans and Merchant Adventurers from the 1600's, New England Pioneers and Revolutionary Patriots from the 1700's, and Dutch Farmers and Swedish Industrialists from the 1800's. Why am I a genealogist? Uncovering a family history is part science, part detective work, and part puzzle solving. When all three parts come together, the end result is a family's story that can have real meaning and inspiration. Many of us do not know from where we come and finding a connection to those that came before us gives us a legacy that helps us better understand ourselves. For example, you may have Grandpa Sam's eyes or Great Grandma Lucy's passion for painting...but you may also have an unknown ancestor that gave you your strong principles or your craving for adventure. A little realized fact, too, is that we are all immigrants and by learning about our roots in "the old country," our personal heritage becomes a meaningful gift to share and pass on.  
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