LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Super Walmart Construction Will Affect Business on Otis

A letter from the owner of Armeno Coffee Roasters regarding an upcoming construction project.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to bring to your attention the sewer construction that is scheduled to begin in just over one week on Otis street.  

, as you may know, is in the process of becoming a Super Walmart. This will require the construction of a sewage pumping structure and piping run the length of Otis Street. This is not very good news for the businesses located on Otis. The street will be closed for at least one week and will be one way for about three months. This construction project is scheduled to start in just over a week yet the contractor has not informed any of the abutters about the project.

The construction will be a nightmare for the retail businesses on Otis. Both and will be completely cut off from Route 9 for the entire summer. The bridge on Otis street will be closed during the project and Otis will be a one way street up to Lawrence Street.  

Unfortunately, most of our retail traffic only knows how to access these two businesses from Route 9. The farm is only open for a short season during the summer. Armeno will have a very hard time getting tractor trailer deliveries as the project will eliminate any access to their loading dock.

The businesses further up Otis will also be greatly affected. Liquid Ice, , The Massachusetts Mosquito control program, Andersen Renewal, Bertucci's headquarters etc.

The town refuses to take any responsibility because it is not a town-mandated project and Walmart has not notified any of the businesses or residents of the street. Walmart may not be a small local business but it is doing business in our town and should adhere to the guidelines that the rest of us follow, respect and not inhibit our right to do business and have the common courtesy to alert us to plans that impact the rest of us so greatly.

John Parks, Armeno Coffee Roasters, 75 Otis Street

Georgia Voter June 19, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Aremeno Coffee Roasters and Berberian's Farm are longstanding members of the Northborough community. WalMarts plans will cause local small businesses serious harm, if not ruin the businesses altogether. I've always thought of Northborough as a community, a charming, historic and delightful town. These developments are very disappointing. Allowing WalMart to potentially destroy a wonderful part of this community is disgraceful. Sure, Walmart has billions of dollars, What it does not have is charm, a conscience, true investment in the community, or even common decency. I beg of you, town leaders, do not let these people turn Northborough into place of strip malls and deserted historic and viable businesses. Rescind your permission and do what is right for the consituents who put you in office!
The Troll of Northborough June 19, 2012 at 08:29 PM
And while they block the traffic to the farm stand and to the coffee roasters, Hey why not buy your veggies at walmart right?
Eileen Dahmen June 20, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of people who receive the Northboro Patch. We often use that street to reach Route 9. I often have a close schedule and the thought of running into a closed road is not my way of having fun. Several people I know love Armeno's coffee and the produce at Berberians. Wonder when we would have found out otherwise!
Robert Norgard June 28, 2012 at 07:26 PM
We need to look at the total picture and not be narrow minded. It would be of great value to get this completed in that it will help ALL buisnesses on Otis, not just Walmart.We for far too many years have been afraid of iomproving our towns needs and now we are well along in several areas of the town and the negative comments start. We must plan for the future and get out mental thoughts out of the 18th century.My wife and I have lived in Northboro for over 55 years and are VERY PROUND of it's growth. Let's stand behind our town not in fvront blocking it's growth.
The Troll of Northborough July 02, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Start a class action law suit against wallmart for damages for the 3 months they shut down the road, I'm sure that'll get attention Sure doesnt look like anyone from the town will stand up.


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