Proctor, MassDojo Student Wins Medals at Recent Karate Competition

Neo Liu took home a gold, silver and bronze.

Information courtesy of Jackson Liu

Neo Liu, 7, along with his teammates from Massdojo, Shrewsbury, won a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze medal from four events he competed in during the 2013 Junior International Cup and 2013 USA Open Karate Championship recenty in Las Vegas.

A first grader at the Proctor School in Northborough, he joined three older children and two adults from the dojo to win multiple levels, led by sensai Eric Rossini.

Liu competed individually in Junior International Cup on March 29 and in USA Open Karate Championship on March 30. He won a Silver from Kata (form) competition and  a Gold from kumite (sparring) competition at the Junior International Cup. He won a Bronze from kumite at the USA Open.


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