OPINION: Tips For Staying Fit In A Down Economy

Fitness often gets left to the wayside when prioritizing work and living expenses. Read on to find out some ways that will help you balance both.

In a poor economic climate one of the thing that often suffers is fitness. Sure the fitness industry takes a certain hit, but its the fitness of individuals that really takes a turn for the worst. People are resorting to working longer hours to meet their living expenses and totally neglect their physical activity. Add stress to this mix and the potential for over eating and poor nutrition becomes a harsh reality. Even though the economy may be in rough shape, that’s no reason to get out of shape. There are still some things that can be done to preserve your fitness, and by extension, your health.

Join an inexpensive gym. Plant Fitness is perhaps best known for being an inexpensive gym. With memberships ranging from ten to twenty dollars a month, its a tough establishment to beat price wise. This is a good move particularly if you’re just beginning a fitness program. If you’re not sure you’re going to be consistent at the gym, why invest in an upscale club? If you’re not going to be diligent about going to the gym you’re better off nixing that monthly expense. If however, you’re good about meeting your sessions, you can consider upgrading to a more expensive gym. Conversely, even if you’re fitness fanatic and you’re just looking to cut back on a monthly expense, signing up with a less expensive gym is never a bad idea. Remember that many clubs now offer memberships without a contract. Shop around for a deal you can live with.

You can still work with a personal trainer if you really want to. Personal training is notoriously expensive. With the average cost per session being seventy dollars an hour, its hard for many individuals to justify the expense. Many trainers and strength coaches are catching onto this and now provide online support for individuals looking to get fit. Good trainers can custom design a fitness program for you and supply all the needed materials online. While all of the programming comes from the trainer, you’re free to do it at your own time in your own gym. Part of the reason why trainers charge so much is because part of their hourly rate goes to the gym in fees. An online trainer doesn’t owe your gym any fees. Because of this the pricing can be much more agreeable to your wallet.

Food is another big consideration: we all have to eat. Eating clean can be a challenge on a budget. On this front you have a very powerful tool at your disposal: a chest freezer. If you go the bulk shopping route, having a chest freezer will allow you to keep surplus foods fresher longer. Keeping lean cuts of meat and poultry on hand will reduce your chances of eating out and blowing your diet. Another hand item, the Food Saver, can help you prepare meals ahead of time and preserve them for later consumption.

Where there is a will there is a way. Don’t let an economic downturn sabotage your fitness goals. Look at it this way: a small investment in your health now, will save you doctors fees down the road. Find a way of balancing your fitness and your budget and the rewards will speak for themselves.

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