Athlete of the Week: The Very Young Jackson LaCava

LaCava wants to be a hockey player when he grows up. He's three, and he already knows this. Who knows, could be true. Didn't Tiger Woods know he wanted to golf at that age?

As the Youth Program Coach at Nichole Hallett coaches more than 100 kids in different sports each week. Some of them stand out, and one, in particular, she feels should be "athlete of the week."

Jackson LaCava, who just turned three, is the youngest athlete is Hallett's class, but is a "great listener, very coordinated and always has a smile on his face."

LaCava attends Miss Tanya's Preschool in Westborough.

Favorite Color: Red

Enjoys: Playing chase, having a big bowl of mac and cheese after sports class

Favorite Career Athletic Moment: Playing hockey with his dad

Big Stats: Scored two goals against his dad in their "backyard hockey Olympics."

Future Goal: To be a professional hockey player, and All Sports School at Teamworks

Other Interests: Riding bikes, playing on the swings and being outside. 


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