Turkey Trotting at Proctor for the Food Pantry

In conjunction with the annual food drive for the Northborough Food Pantry, kids and families at Proctor trot in gym class.

To complement the Scouting for Food drive that occurred on Saturday, Nov. that collected goods for the Northborough Food Pantry, is holding its third annual Turkey Trot.

As part of the Trot, families join their kids' physical education classes, and bring donations for the pantry through Nov. 11. During Andy Wilson's PE classes, students run, job, skip or walk around the gym for a period of time, and families are invited to join the first 15 minutes of their child's class. The Trot not only "celebrates the benefits of physical fitness," but urges families to donate to the food pantry.

"Last year we collected 369 items and walked/danced/jogged a total of 380 miles," said Diane Gage, the school's nurse. This year our goal is to tip the scales and reach 375 items for the food pantry."


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