How Many Kids Go to School in Northborough

In today's By the Numbers, we take a look at Northborough public schools' enrollment.

Enrollment in schools fluctuates from year to year, and this year, some schools saw a rise in enrollment, while others are seeing a drop.

Here are the enrollment numbers, as provided by Superintendent of Schools Charles Gobron.

is at 305 students, up eight from last year.

presently has 325, up 34 from last year. 

as 295 enrolled, down 13 from last year. 

School's 341 students is down 12. 

has 655 students, up six.

That is a total of 1921 students, which is 23 more than last year. These figures do not include the numbers at Algonquin Regional High School; Gobron said those numbers still continue to fluctuate and there is no exact figure at this time.



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