How Many Kids Go to Proctor

This week's "By the Numbers" takes a look at the enrollment at the Proctor School.

Each month at the Northborough School Committee meeting, the enrollment numbers are updated and monitored to keep track of how many students are in the Northborough public schools.

Last year, a huge swell in numbers at the created concern, according to Principal Margaret Donohoe.  

"Luckily enough, this year our class sizes are very appropriate, with a range of 16 to 23 per class," said Donohoe. :We will still continue to monitor our enrollment figures."

Presently, 39 students attend kindergarten, 48 in first grade, 51 in grade two, 57 students attend grade three, 46 are in fourth and 53 are in fifth, for a total of 291.

"Currently our enrollment this year is at 294," said Donohoe. "It is down from last year and the half-day kindergarten is now housed at Peaslee. The enrollment figures for all of the schools are very reasonable."


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