What Do You Think of Gun Appreciation Day?

Today gun owners across the country are celebrating their right to bear arms.

With new gun laws being proposed by at least one MetroWest-area state legislator and at the federal level, gun owners are rallying around their Second Amendment right.

The organizers of National Gun Appreciation Day are advocating for gun owners and supporters to "send a message."

"On 1.19.13 go to your local gun store, gun range or gun show with your constitution, American flags and your 'hands off my guns' sign to send a loud and clear message to Congress and President Obama," the website says.

Not everyone is in favor of the gun appreciation day, though. More then 30,000 people have signed a petition on SignOn.org to stop gun appreciation day.

"Gun groups are planning to have a National Gun Appreciation Day on January 19th, the same weekend that Americans celebrate the life and service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., an American leader who was assassinated by a rifle's bullet. This is an outrage and a slap in the face to Americans who value life and freedom!" the petition reads.

What do you think about National Gun Appreciation Day? Is it too soon after the Sandy Hook shooting and too close to Martin Luther King Day or is now the last chance gun advocates will have to show thier support?

Ray Dauphinais January 28, 2013 at 07:14 PM
Wow, I really don’t know where to start, there’s just so much misinformation, errors and outright lies here, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. First let me start by saying, everyone do yourself a favor and go to the Marlborough Public library and borrow the movie “We need to talk about Kevin”. It came out last year and shows an evil kid who grew up with every opportunity his upper income family could provide. But he’s evil, so he goes to school one day and starts killing everyone there with his bow and arrow set he got for Christmas (after killing his father and sister at home). No guns needed. Evil people exist. Tools, weapons and inanimate objects don’t do harm on there own, they need an evil person assistance. Someone earlier in the comments said that machine guns were banned. WRONG! Machine guns are not banned. Anyone who wants to go through the process of getting the appropriate tax stamp and paying for it can, along with paying exorbitant prices for a fully automatic machine gun can have one. The federal governments ruling on this makes the manufacture for civilian use illegal after a certain date (mid 80’s) therefore every machine gun on the market is now a collector item and very pricey, but thousands exist. PS. Adam Lanza’s mother did everything legal, but she was not a responsible gun owner, and there lies the difference between responsible and irresponsible. No one with any mental disability should be allowed access to firearms.
Dennis Wilson January 28, 2013 at 07:16 PM
SKK, I agree that linking guns to drones (at this time) is something of a stretch. Police in many cities seem to have become more 'militarized' when it comes to weapons and SWAT tactics. I'm not complaining about that; they need to be safe and not be out-gunned. As weapons manufacturers seek markets in addition to the military and police, it seems that they begin to make 'civilian models'. You can Goggle drones or 'unmanned aerial vehicles' and find models ranging from $300 to $5k. The larger ones can be customized & carry heavier payloads. And not to be argumentative, but I doubt many folks would want to go to war today with the weapons in use 100 years ago.
Kira Gagarin January 28, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Ron, your point is that there should not be restrictions on gun ownership? Or am I missing it again? If that is your point, that is not the case today as there are many restrictions. And if it isn't, then great, we agree... There should be restrictions on gun ownership. "Who died and left you in charge of anyone else's kids, let alone mine? You are not responsible for their safety, nor the school, nor the Police, nor society." Well, to start, lots of kids have died, thats who. Really? The school, police, nor our community isn't responsible for the safety of children? So only parents are in charge of each of their children? Comparing prohibiting/restricting certain guns to prohibiting cars is just ridiculous and shows a lack of any reasoning. Do you really mean to say you can't differentiate between car ACCIDENTS and gun murders? Why do you think there isn't the same outrage over children killed in car accidents? No reason, right? They are totally comparable? Who am I to suggest regulation and control what you do? Uh, thats how things work here. We make laws as a society deciding who can own what, who can smoke what, and even who can marry whom. We vote for those that share our opinions and thats how we enact regulation. Seems like public opinion is clear on this issue and we will see that throughout the coming months. Works for me.
SKK January 28, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Dennis, I apologize if you thought I was discussing muskets (I wasn't). There have been full auto and semi automatic rifles and handguns for over 100 years. The M1911 I think may still be the issued sidearm of some military and police. It is almost unchanged since 1911. If you remove the material technology and tighter tolerance manufacturing capabilities they work in the same manner. I think we both know what we are discussing here. Also, Let's not confuse a hobby store glorified remote control plane or copter with a camera as a military UAV as you brought up. if you are talkng about those then I own a UAV. I can go buy a rocket at the hobby store but it doesn't make it a scud.
SKK January 28, 2013 at 07:58 PM
A scud may not be a good choice because they are just glorified hobby shop rockets. But again, I think you know what I mean.


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