Town Ups October Storm Clean-Up Costs

The initial estimate to clean up the October storm turned out to be too little. The Town Administrator was forced to ask for more.

The cleanup of the October Nor'Easter ended up costing significantly more than originally estimated, according to

Authorized to appropriate $200,000 in funds to get it "up and running," the final cost is pushing closer to $400,000 in clean-up costs.

The authorized to appropriate the proposed $450,000 to cover costs.

"It was significantly more than what we estimated," said Coderre. "The biggest component wasn't what was on the ground. It was what was hanging in the trees. At least 940 trees had hanging branchces, and every one of those presented a hazard. It's not a choice. We've got to clean this up."

On Dec. 16, Coderre said Worcester County was notified that it met the threshold to meet certain requirements for a federal reimbursement.

"The Commonwealth has asked the president to declare it an emergency," said Coderre, "and if that's approved, we'll get 75 percent of it reimbursed. Regardless, at Town Meeting it will be a warrant amount with either the full amount but knowing we weill get it reimbursed, or part of it. I'm hoping the winter won't be as difficult as last year."


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