There are 1,800 Dogs in Town; How Many Can Each Household Have?

Town laws vary. Ever wonder how many are allowed in Northborough? What are the pet laws?

In some towns, municipal law dictates a maximum on the number of pets, namely dogs and cats, allowed per household. Some municipalities, too, have issued breed-specific ordinances. 

In Northborough, there are technically no restrictions at this time.

There is no maximum to the number of cats that can live in a household, and though at one time, Health Agent Jamie Terry said, the dog limit was six, it's presently unrestricted.

Still, hoarding situations occur, and health and humane regulations are enforced.

If an unsanitary, hoarding situation is occurring that poses a health risk to humans and/or the pets, Terry said the Health Department will take action in conjunction with the animal control officer. In more extreme cases, the town will apply for a warrant from district court.

Dogs any older than six months must be licensed each calendar year in Northborough. Licences are available at the Town Hall, and are $15 for spayed/neutered dogs, $20 for intact females and males. A valid rabies certificate is required.

Dog licenses must be renewed by the end of February each year, and a $25 late fee is effective on March 1.

Any questions on dog licensing should be directed to 508-393-5001.

The town currently has 1,800 licensed dogs according to the 2011 Northborough Annual Report.


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