So What Was That 'Convoy' That Went Trucking Through Town?

People have been curious about a convoy of trucks and cruisers that barreled through the center on Monday. Here's what it was.

A number of readers have messaged and Tweeted us, asking, "NorthboroPatch what was that giant convoy through downtown all about just now? 30+ cruisers blocking traffic, tractor trailers, etc."

Checking with Northborough police, the department said perhaps the traffic was related to an incident involving a woman who accidentally drove on to the railroad tracks.

Nope. It was more than that, insisted readers. There were little yellow escort cars, state police blocking traffic, and a "line of cruisers."

The escort, according to Massachusetts State Police, went through Northborough on Monday, Dec. 10, for NSTAR. The drive originated from Westborough, and NSTAR was transporting an overweight and overheight transformer to Littleton.

The route, said state police, was approved and designated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation permit office.


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