School Gives $117,000 Back to Towns After State Aid is Increased

After Algonquin received more state aid than it had anticipated, Northborough and Southborough got a refund.

For the first time in five years, Algonquin Regional High School received more in state aid than it had anticipated, resulting in a refund of $117,000 to Northborough and Southborough.

Since Chapter 70 money (state aid for schools) is released sometimes long after the budget for the fiscal year is created, the budget usually includes an anticipated Chapter 70 figure. Since state funding exceeded expectations, assessments for Northborough and Southborough were reduced to reflect that in the FY2013 budget.

A refund of $117,564 was due back; that means $67,098 to Northborough and $50,556 to Southborough.

"This is just so unusual, and hasn't happened since 2007," said Superintendent Charles Gobron. "According to regulations, we are obligated to return that to the towns. We based the assessments on Chapter 70 funding."



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