Schools Discuss Security; Procedures Will Change at ARHS

The Northborough schools are not alone in discussing its security procedures in the wake of the Connecticut elementary school tragedy.

According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, schools that had previously had an "open door" policy quickly became locked facilities requiring visitors get buzzed in following the Connecticut shooting tragedy.

Boston expanded its security at schools, as did towns such as Natick, Winchester and Medford.

Dr. Charles Gobron, superintendent of schools in Northborough, said that while no safety plans were altered immediately, the tragedy prompted the school system to review safety plans, tighten security measures and "work together to reassure parents that their children are safe at school."

"It's been quite a week," Gobron told Patch on Wednesday. "We do enjoy a wonderful relationship with both the Northborough and Southborough police chiefs.  We had a very productive joint meeting on Monday morning. Each school has a safety plan and safety protocols"

The K-8 schools are locked and visitors are buzzed in, a security measure that has already been in place for several years. Gobron said among the discussions is examining the start of the day, when doors are open as the kids come in to the school. 

Algonquin High School, too, will have new procedures in place soon, quite possibly after the holiday break. 

"As a grandparent of elementary age students, I share the universal concern for school safety," said Gobron. "I think we have consensus among the educators and town safety officials and that our partnership will address any parental concerns and reassure the community of our ability to maintain schools that are safe and conducive to learning. "


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