Preliminary Town Budget for FY14 Projects $3.3 Million Deficit

FY14 Budget Message was recently released.

Town Administrator Martha White completed her FY14 Budget Message just after the new year, and as it stands now there is a projected deficit of $3,349,952.

There are a number of reasons why the budget is at a deficit right now, including revenue projections being $548,000 lower than projected at the Fall Annual Town Meeting.

Expenses are significantly higher in some areas than earlier projected as well.

The budget for Administrative Support Services is higher as two new positions have been created: Information/Communication Specialist and Payroll/Benefits Administrative Coordinator. White believes both of these positions are very important, and points out that their responsibilities cover general government and the school department.

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There are requests for other new personnel in various departments including the schools, where the population has grown. The two libraries, Community Services and public safety also have requests in for increases in their budget.

White does not seem worried about the initial deficit at this time, as she wrote that in her years in Natick they've been able to work together to make the budget work each year.

Hera January 14, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Expect to pay more taxes my friends! As always, blame the education of our kids.
Robert Rosen January 14, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Thank you for commenting, Natalie. This short story on the preliminary budget was in no way meant to blame the deficit on the education of the town's children in any way. The need for increased personnel at the schools is because Natick's family population has grown quicker than expected. The report also explains some strategies to help save money for school repairs, etc down the road. The entire 620 page report is available on the town's website: http://natickma.gov/Public_Documents/NatickMA_BudgetBook/FY2014Budget/FY2014Budget
Ben Jackson January 14, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Here's the difficulty for us - particularly at the town government level. We as a nation demand low federal taxes. We elected a house of representatives who refused to support victims of a hurricane because it may result in higher governmental revenues and expenditures. Yet, we demand high levels of services that only government can provide: education, public safety, infrastructure, healthcare research and development (yes, private corporations to this, but not in the areas of greatest need. Watch any football game and count the number of erectile disfunction pill advertisements versus antibiotic advertisements, and you'll catch my drift). Having a federal government that refuses to pay for these vital services does not eliminate the need for them. Instead, it forces the burden down to the city and town level, where we end up in financial deficits or service deficits - and more than we need to be, because we can not leverage the economies of scale the federal government could if they were bidding these contracts out on a national basis (especially for infrastructure services). The myth of a small federal government reducing expenses on a per-individual basis is dramatically hurting our ability to function as a town. We need to realize that we have to pay for the services we expect, and then demand the best services we can get for the money we spend.


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