Online Petition Seeks Help for Milford Skatepark

A community of skateboarders in Milford, and their supporters, are signing a petition for improvements to the skatepark at Milford Town Park.

For the second time in two years, skateboarders are asking town leaders to make improvements to the skatepark at Miford Town Park.

An online petition started by a Milford teen, Morgan Callahan, is collecting signatures. Once it reaches 70 signatures, according to the petition, the organizer will present it to town officials.

The skatepark had some unofficial improvements a few months ago. A man, who was not identified by the petitioner, created some new ramps for Milford skateboarders. But the ramps, crafted of wood and heavy plywood, are now falling apart.

The petition asks town officials to make some improvements, to create a safe and inviting place for the skateboarders. A similar petition that began earlier this year was never presented to selectmen.

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Teens and young adults riding skateboards often get kicked out of spots around Milford. Signers of the petition say the reason they head for  and other sites is the shabbiness of the skatepark, a section of Milford Town Park created from a former tennis court.

"Everyday, skateboarders, bikers and rollerbladers are getting kicked out of areas around Milford for doing what they do, but who is to blame?" Callahan wrote, in the petition. " This town needs a safe environment for kids to do what they love and not get in trouble for it."

Other signers have left statements of support including: "We need to skate and the park is un-skatable," and "It will give kids better things to do then get into trouble."

Ray Fellows October 21, 2012 at 01:56 PM
My kids used that skatepark when it first opened but it fell into disrepair and they lost interest. I think the town needs to decide whether they want it as a skatepark or just remove it. Its kind of been a quasi town supported facility from the start. The reason people get kicked out of areas for skateboarding is because your grinding destroys property. No one has the "right" to skateboard. We had a skateboard park at the old roller rink but there wasnt enough customers to make it profitable. Once again, I know because I took my kids their. Milford either wants a skatepark or they dont. If the town wants it, then commit to it and maintain it. If not, lets dismantle it and turn it into another tennis court and eliminate the legal liabilities.
Shannon Pataky October 21, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Correct, fix it or get rid of it. But you're wrong about their right. There is no law against skate boarding, they just want a place to do it where they aren't going to get accused of damaging property, even if they have no intentions on tricking out on said property, just riding through. My brothers were some customers at the skate park of the skate palace, it wasn't free, so they weren't frequent customers, not to mention all the insurance release forms you have to fill out when you go to profite parks, it's a hassle for a couple teenagers who just want to skate. The park the kids are petitioning is free, and as long as it's maintained, shouldn't be an insurance issue. If my kid fell off the swing because she just did, I would have no right to sue the town, but if she fell off the swing because the bar was rotted through and the chain snapped off, yeah, I'm gonna have a problem with that.
Steve Larsen November 19, 2012 at 01:42 PM
The skate park at skate palace was a joke. It was about a 20 x 20 sq ft area. It doesn't amtter nyhow, the skapte palace is gone. Why isn't the town maintaining it. Isn't it the job of the park director to do this. In 2002 he was quoted as saying it was a great thing for the kids and that it was good to have a palce like this. In the big scheme of things it's not alot of money to have well made ramps. Look at the surrounding towns skate parks. Sheesh, why is this even an issue. Just maintain the thing that was committed to in the first place.


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