Northborough Supports Assabet's Building Project

Assabet Valley Regional High School is looking for money to update its building, a project that will utilize the skills of its own students.

The students at learn to do everything in the fields of carpentry, electricity and plumbing. Honing these trades is part of their daily work in class.

As the Community Advocate reported, these skills may be applied to the very building they take classes in, as the school is hoping to get approval for a $62 million building repair project.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority has already committed to funding $33 million of the project, said the Community Advocate. But the school must convince seven other communities to fund it as well. And that includes Northborough, which also pays an allotment based on the town's enrollment numbers at Assabet.

Members of Northborough's Financial Planning Committee and the Appropriations Committee met, informally, for half a day at Assabet on Dec. 2 of last year.

"We have been discussing and reviewing versions of the proposed project for years," said . "Although neither committee has taken an official position on the final project, the general consensus is that the proposed work is reasonable given the age of the building.  As with all building projects, it is subject to Town Meeting approval in April, but Northborough does have the capacity to absorb its share of the debt service within our levy limit."


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