Northborough's Road Rehab Plan

The DPW is in the process of assessing the roads in town to come up with a maintenance and rehabilitation plan for them.

The DPW is currently in the process of having the town's 90 miles of road inventoried and assessed based on pavement type, condition, geometry, funcional classification and other characteristics.

"This information will then be used to formulate a pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plan with the goal of maximizing the value and lifespan of Northborough’s streets," said Dan Nason, DPW director. "What this means for the residents in town is that we will take a realistic and non-biased approach to street improvements."

The streets that will receive attention first, he said, will be based on the results of this critical evalution, as well as other important program needs of the town.

The entire process, said Nason, can take between four to six months for a roadway network the size of Northborough's. The consultant has completed the data collection and is performing quality assurance checks on that data. 

Recently, Patch asked Northborough residents, "What's the worst street in town?" In this nonscientific poll, most answered with Hudson Street. What street do you think is in most need of maintanence and repair?


AG October 05, 2012 at 03:47 PM
One street that needs help is Davis St down by the straightaway of the 300 numbers. First of all, it is set @ 35 miles per hour but that is not the case. The majority of riders go at 40+ miles per hour creating unwanted highway tire noises. There are no curbs on this street which makes it and invite to both vehicle and mitigated pedestrian accidents. There has been an increase in traffic as the shopping hill has picked up business as well. There are three speed zones on Davis street going from 25mph at 135 then 35 mph for the length of the straightaway and then 25 mph again after the thayer street curve. This is hard to drive keeping in with the speed rules and wilthout frequent monitoring by the police. We are also in need of a bush trim at the Indian Meadow Road (west location) on the corner where the poorly kept house is located. The neighbor at the other end pulled a few bushes to acomodate traffic safety. There should also be a heavy vehicle restriction on the road, just the same as was done on Whitney St. Yes, I still feel that selectan amberson and Chief Lahey have no vision for this street and its neighbors and would be glad to meet with them on this matter at their earliest convenience.


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