'Northborough is Mentioned on TV And Everyone Freaks Out'

Paul Ryan mentioned Mitt Romney's experience with a Northborough family back in the '90s during the debate.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan detailed a story about Mitt Romney during the debate Thursday night that put the spotlight on a family from Northborough.

When the mention hit, so lit up Twitter, Facebook and email with people from the area commenting on a reference that was oh so close to home.

Facebook posts:

Stephanie Lee Butler Went to high school with Reed!

Maureen Forsberg-Burke I never heard of the accident. Surprised it didn't make the news. Not surprised the Romney help was hush hush.

Sarah Whiteman Was very big news when it happened!


David Guarino ‏@davidguarino
In fairness, yes, he told that whole story about Northborough family.

kate gothing ‏@kategothing
Wait did northborough get mentioned? ... I couldn't tell....

Algonquin Problems ‏@thegonkproblems
Northborough is mentioned on national television and everyone freaks out #gonkproblems

Lexi Brilliant ‏@LexiBrilliant
AH, I missed the Northborough shoutout

Ashley Armstrong ‏@ashley_diamond_
Shout out to Northborough during vice presidential debate #ilivethere @Emma8Jayne @AmandaDennis6 @Shannonigans26 @amy_dietz

tess lien ‏@tessie261
Northborough is famous

Greg Callaghan ‏@Beantown_OS
Seriously though, I lived in Northborough MA for 23 years. Never heard of the Nixon's or that story. Damn.

Ratty ‏@HeyRatty
I used to play in Little League tournaments in Northborough, Mass. What's the significance of this? Nothing. #VPDebate

Gloria Chen ‏@gloriachenx

Alex Mazzola ‏@mazzolaalex
damn northborough getting on the map #debateshoutout

Maggie Paulin ‏@mpaulin29
Whoa shoutout to the boros!! (northborough) #vpdebate

Leeanne Griffin ‏@FunWithCarbsLG
Name-checking Northborough, Mass. now? for real?

David S. Bernstein ‏@dbernstein
Northborough Massachusetts shout-out! #VPDebate

KevinFranck ‏@KevinFranck
NORTHBOROUGH!!! DRINK!!! #vpdebate


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