Lebeaux Announces Candidacy for Re-election as Shrewsbury Selectman

Lebeaux runs for a seat on the board again.

Submited by John Lebeaux

Shrewsbury Selectman John Lebeaux recently announced his candidacy for re-election to the Board of Selectmen at the town election Tuesday May 7, 2013.

Lebeaux, 58, has lived in Shrewsbury for more than 40 years.

He attended Shrewsbury public schools from first grade to his graduation from Shrewsbury High School in 1972. Lebeaux graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, in 1976. He and his wife, Debbie (daughter of Dot and Ralph Perkins), also a long-time resident and fellow Shrewsbury High graduate, have three children: Julie, Kate, and Ben, all also graduates of Shrewsbury High School. John is the son of Lucille and former Shrewsbury Selectman Reuben
Lebeaux, both deceased, and the stepson of Joan Lebeaux.

Lebeaux was first elected Selectman in 1998. He served as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen from 2000-2002 and 2006-2007. He served on the Sherwood Middle School Building Committee from its inception through 2010. He continues to serve as the remaining original co-Chair of the Home Heating Working Group, and as a member of the Targeted Zoning Committee.

Prior to his election as Selectman, Lebeaux was a Zoning Board of Appeals member. He has been an elected Town Meeting representative for 29 years, having been first elected to that position at age 18.

“I’m both very proud and humbled to have played a role in Shrewsbury’s achievements over the last 15 years,” Lebeaux said when announcing his candidacy. “This is a community where both residents and businesses each receive excellent municipal services and an average tax bill that compares very favorably to similar communities throughout the state. We have a great
town—but we can and should make it even better. I have the qualities to do just that.”

“As I’ve said since I first ran for Selectman, the biggest issue before the voters is always that of leadership. I feel I’ve continually demonstrated to the community that I have the judgment, the experience, and the insight to continue to serve on our town's executive board. I believe I’ve consistently proven that I am willing to listen to all sides with an open mind before I decide
what I believe to be the community’s best interest. If re-elected I plan to continue listening to my friends, neighbors, and constituents, and doing what I feel is the very best for us all.”

“I hope the voters approve of the job I’ve been doing as their Selectman and will vote for me on May 7, so I can keep on working to keep Shrewsbury the special place it is and to make it even better.”

For more than 30 years, Lebeaux worked in the private sector as general manager of his family's business, Shrewsbury Nurseries. He served two terms as President of the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.

Lebeaux and his family decided to close their business in the fall of 2008. He then sought a new career, and was appointed Town Administrator of Princeton, Massachusetts July, 2009.

By gubernatorial appointment, Mr. Lebeaux serves on the Massachusetts Food and Agriculture Board (which oversees the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources), and the Massachusetts Water Resources Commission (which is responsible for developing, coordinating and overseeing the Commonwealth’s water policy and planning activities).

Locally, Mr. Lebeaux is a Corporator of Avidia Bank. He is a member of the Massachusetts Municipal and Selectmen’s Associations.

Mr. Lebeaux continued: “As a community, we’ve accomplished so much in my time as Selectman. We’ve systematically upgraded existing facilities to modernize them for today’s community—while constantly controlling costs. At the same time, we’ve also taken on new construction projects when the community needed new infrastructure. It’s been one of my proudest accomplishments serving on the Sherwood Middle School Building Committee,
working hard for the successful town vote so that the Committee can now deliver a state-of-the-art building that will serve for decades, millions of dollars under-budget and well ahead of schedule.”

“I’ve also made it a priority to continue ongoing maintenance to our town’s infrastructure—our roads, water, sewer, electric and cable systems. They may serve silently, but they are the vital foundation to our excellent services.”

“We’ve accomplished all this while keeping the Town in a very favorable financial position. The Town has both maintained its reserves and addressed its needs in a systematic approach that balances necessary spending priorities with sensitivity to the taxpayers.

“But new challenges continue to come before the Town. We see increasing class sizes in our schools. We need to work within our available resources and political realities to find achievable solutions. We need to continue the Board’s initiative to bring together neighboring communities to join together as a region to attack the endless stream of costly mandates that come down from
Washington and Boston. We need to continue to maintain our facilities and infrastructure, we need to find the best solution to correct the deficiencies of the Library. And we need to do all of that and more in an economic climate that has changed very quickly and dramatically.”

Concluding his remarks, Lebeaux said, “While we don’t know all the new challenges that await us, I’ve consistently shown the voters that how I go about my business as a selectman—with careful thought and with consideration of how my decisions affect the townspeople—has proven that I can effectively meet those future challenges in the people's best interest. I respectfully ask the voters to please support my efforts by re-electing me on Tuesday, May 7.”

Lebeaux’s Campaign Committee invites the public to attend a Campaign Reception Wednesday, March 27, from 7-9 p.m. at the Italian American Victory Club, Dewey Road, Shrewsbury.

For more information John and his committee can be contacted at 508-842-8684 or by email at info@johnlebeaux.com. His campaign website is www.johnlebeaux.com.


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