Inspections: Excellent Schools; Expired Chips; Britney's Does 'Great Job!'

The following is a collection of inspections conducted in Northborough during September and October.

This feature on Northborough Patch lists the latest health inspections conducted by the town's Health Agent Jamie Terry. Inspections are conducted regularly, and are unannounced visits.

It is important to note that Terry has often stressed that it is very rare for an establishment to always receive a perfect inspection score.

The following list is part two of a three-part series that we will run in chronological order. Since inspections stretch back to mid-summer, and Patch is able to obtain the inspection information only after it is shared with the Board of Health, we have broken into segments so it is easier to read.

Starting off the inspections for September, Terry visited which received one critical mark for an expired bag of chips, which were removed during the visit. Otherwise, the inspection was "very good," with raw products stored appropriately, a front cooler at the correct temperature, hats and gloves in use, and "very clean throughout the establishment."

October was a busy month for Terry with inspections of numerous restaurants and other establishments.

A good inspection led off October at White Cliffs, which Terry noted was "very clean and well kept" and had no critical violations. On Oct. 1, Chet's Diner also received a "good to great" inspection with no violations. Notes included, "dumpster clean and closed, "establishment unbelievably clean and well-kept," "employees wore hats and gloves" and "all items well kept."

The Peaslee School, too, had a "great" inspection with no violations, on Oct. 1. Workers wore hairnets and hats, all items were dated and labeled, and "the floors look amazing!"

And Britney's Cafe got an emphatic "great job!" jotted down on its inspection Oct. 1. The breakfast and lunch place had no critical violations, with comments that included "restroom looks great," "all stations well kept," temperatures at appropriate levels," "all items were covered" and "raw food stored properly." One noncritical violation was that rags were not stored in sanitized solution at all time. "Great improvements. Very well done. Keep it up!" wrote Terry.

Algonquin Regional High School got a "good" inspection on Oct. 10, with no critical violations. "Clean and well-kept storage, workers wearing gloves and hairnets and refrigerator at the right temperature" were among the comments.

Pepper's Fine Catering initial inspection on Oct. 17 had numerous critical violations, which included lasagna that was not hot enough, garlic and oil kept at room temperature and flies in the kitchen. "The general cleanliness in the establishment needs much improvement," Terry wrote. During a follow-up inspection the following day, all issues had been corrected except for a dish machine that did not reach 180 degrees. Eight non-critcal items were noted on Oct. 18, including items that needed labeling, exposed wires, dirty fan guard and chefs' uniforms stored in the restroom.

An inspection on Oct. 17 of the Celtic Tavern also resulted in some critical violations. Six, to be exact. Terry noted that the grill was not clean, raw products were stored in a drawer with cooked products, pizza utensils sat in standing water, walls were not thoroughly clean, and soiled rags were stored near the paper towels. All violations, Terry noted, were corrected by the next visit on Oct. 22.

Owned by Westborough State Hospital, Chauncy Hall in Northborough also underwent an inspection, on Oct. 18. A few expired items, which were removed during the inspection, led to one critical violation. Otherwise "good," the inspection noted a well kept and clean establishment, a clean dumpster and appropriate temperatures.

Lil M's Mart received a good inspection on Oct. 22, except for one violation of having expired nuts on the shelf, which were removed at the visit.

Terry visited three schools on Oct. 23: the the Zeh School and the Lincoln Street School. None had violations. The Zeh School's comments included "extremely clean and well-kept."


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