How Often Are Restaurants Inspected?

You eat there. How often does the Health Department inspect restaurants in town?

In the wake of the due to repeated health violations, many have asked "how often are restaurants typically inspected by the Health Department in Northborough."

According to Health Agent Jamie Terry, legally she is required to perform at least two inspections per year at each food service establishment in town.

She also categorizes the establishments by "low risk," "medium risk" and "high risk." 

"A low risk establishment sells only pre-packaged food and it is very limited in what is sold (i.e. bottled water, soda, gum)," said Terry.  "A medium risk establishment is where most of the establishments fall. A high risk establishment is either defined by the population served (i.e. nursing home due to high risk population) or by an establishments need for additional guidance and education."

At last count, there were 12 high risk establishments in Northborough.

"It shall also be noted that some establishments have gone back and forth from medium to high or vice versa," she said.

FF July 16, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Eat at your own risk if you feel comfortable eating a meal that is prepared by someone you most likely do not know....in other words a stranger.
Ron king July 16, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Temperature is a huge issue for foods, especially with the hot summer we are having.....2 hours or less for any prepared foods then back to the fridge with them. But how long does a restaurant keep prep foods out before they even cook? We never know......So, Thank you for the BOH work.


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