Health Inspection Reports

Back by popular demand, Northborough Patch presents a rundown of the most recent health inspections.

Health Agent Jamie Terry has stacks of health inspections that have been conducted recently in the town, from gyms to restaurants to convenience stores. As a regular feature and as a response to public demand, Northborough Patch presents a rundown of the most recent inspections.

June saw pop-in inspections for Honey Dip Donuts, Skribbles, Helen's Variety, Nicky D's Donuts, Helen's Variety, Festive Breads, Tilz Restaurant, Corporate Chefs, the Senior Center, Dick's Sporting Goods, Mobil and Northboro House of Pizza.

had two critical violations during an inspection on June 18, one concerning milk stored in the refrigerator underneath the coffee area at 46 degrees (it should be no higher than 41 degrees) and the hand washing sink did not have hot water. A follow-up inspection on June 27 was deemed "great," and all violations were corrected.

Three critical violations marked inspection on June 18. Bacon, which sat in a pan on the grill, "needed to be maintained at 140 degrees or higher." Also, it was noted that a third sink bay was needed to be set up as a sanitizer station, and a new pump was needed for the hand sink. Its ServeSafe certifcation also had lapsed. "General cleanliness needs improvement," wrote Terry, who will reinspect the establishment in six months.

Heading toward the center to on June 18, Terry gave the restaurant a "good" inspection, but it did receive three critical violations: Quat ammonia that was too strong; raw product (beef) stored above cooked products; and raw products that were stored in the top of the sub-unit. Town Pizza will be reinspected in six months.

Even the Slushie machine was cleaned thoroughly, according to an inspection of on June 25. "The store is very clean and well-maintained," read the report. At ten packs of expired sunflower seeds (which were removed) got the gas station/convenience store one critical violation.

had some expired bags of chips, including Doritos, on June 26. All were removed, but it was cited for one critical violation.

Both had a good inspections; one was inspected on June 18 and the other on June 27. Terry noted at one inspection Skribbles needed to make sure all food contact surfaces were sanitized prior to preparing on them.

Dick's Sporting Goods also had no violations during its inspection on June 29. , too, garnered a "great" inspection, with "excellent dry storage" and freezers and refrigerators on the proper settings.

Helen's Variety was inspected on June 27, showing one critical violation; eight bags of chips were expired, as were four cans of muscle milk, a box of Combos and four bags of potato skins. All of these items were removed during the inspection.

yielded a good inspection, with remarks that included "great, establishment very clean," but a few criticals were noted; the sanitizer strength was too strong, sponges that are prohibited were being used, cream was at 58 degrees (should be 41 or below). Reinspected on July 31, all of these violations were corrected.

Corporate Chefs (55 Bearfoot Rd.) were marked with four critical violations during an inspection on June 29. "Milk and cream both smell spoiled, heavily," read one violation. All food at 41 degrees or above was removed. A breakfast unit, which did not maintain a temperature of 41 degrees or below, was broken and "needs to be replaced." At an Aug. 1 inspection, all of these violations were corrected.

Terry also inspected on June 29, finding three critical violations, including the use of prohibited sponges, not wearing hats or hairnets, and the need for test strips for the spray sanitizer. During a follow-up July 31 inspection, all had been corrected, except for the sponge violation, which "needed to be disposed of." Otherwise this establishment was deemed "very clean."

In July, Yoong Tong Thai Restaurant, Juniper Hill Golf Course, Dog Day Afternoon, Dunkin Donuts, Athens Pizza and Texas BBQ Company were among those who got a pop-in inspection conducted by the health department.

With three critical violations, 's inspection was still considered "good," the violations including not filling out the sushi log in its entirety, a veggie unit that sat at 54 degrees and a dish machine with inadequate sanitizer.

Dog Day Afternoon received a "good" inspection with no critical violations on July 19. Terry wrote "very clean and well kept" in her notes. Other comments included gloves being in use, hand sink included soap and paper towels and hot water.

Also on July 18, Terry visited . Three critical violations included cream cheese stored at room temperature, expired cake frosting and knives in standing water. The food was removed, and Juniper Hills will be revisted in four-six months.

too, got a visit on July 18, receiving an "excellent inspection." "Kitchen very clean," wrote Terry. Notes included all of the temperatures correct, great job on cleaning under equipment, and clean and closed dumpster.

Two critical violations were marked in a July 19 inspection of , the violations involving wet rags stored at the bar and raw meat stored above cooked food. Otherwise, noted Terry, it was a "good" inspection, with the freezers and refrigerators well-maintained and "overall the establishment is very clean."

A "very good inspection" marked pages on July 19. Temperatures were at the proper setting, the ice machine was "clean and good," the food preps all wore hats, the trash was covered, and the "restrooms are great, with signs and soap and self closing doors."

received a very good inspection on July 19, with all employees wearing hats, rest rooms in good condition, freezers at the correct temperature and all sandwich unit items well dated and labeled. There was, however, a violation (non-critical) that indicated "Sticker shows ancil system needs to be thoroughly and processionally cleaned." The ancil system is a vent system above the grill that is regulated by the Fire Department.

August brought Terry to CJ Steakloft, Mikaku, In and Out Convenience Store, Freshway Pizza, Bacon's Wine and Spirits, Lalajava Coffeehouse, Vina's Pizza, BeeZers, Trombetta's, Burger King and Country Liquors, among other establishments.

Terry started out the month, on Aug. 1, hitting Grille, which received six critical violations during its inspection. These violations—many noted in the breakfast part of the restaurant—included storing raw meat above cooked food, a waitress station with numerous fruit flies, dishes not washed in a commercial dishwasher, expired cereal and bread, and gloves needed. "The kitchen itself was in pretty good condition, having just installed a new floor," said Terry.

Also that day, was noted for having an "extremely knowledgable staff," a clean restroom, allergen compliance, a sparse, working kitchen and clean trash area. Special Teas, however, needed to use the hand wash sink for hand washing only, getting it a critical mark on this day's inspection.

Seven bags of expired chips landed an inspection with one critical violation. All of those bags were promptly removed on the day of inspection, which was Aug. 6.

Down at Burger King, also inspected on Aug. 6, cut onions and peppers, as well as salsa, stored at room temperature garnered BK one critical. Otherwise, this was a "very good inspection," with clean dumpsters, test strips available and correct temperatures on the food and freezers.

was marked with seven critical violations during its inspection on Aug. 7. Violations included cooking meat to only 120 degrees, having a refrigerator at 46 degrees, bread drying overnight on a shelf under personal items that also were not covered, dish machine with no soap, rags not stored in sanitizing solution and hand wash sink missing paper towels. The restaurant will be reinspected.

got a good inspection on Aug. 7, with one critical violation that concerned having expired eggs, which were removed immediately. The report also included comments such as "restrooms clean, sushi logs great, rice cooked at the correct temperature."

A good inspection was earned on Aug. 7 by , which had one critical violation—its sanitizer strength was "inadequate." Otherwise, comments included "pizza unit very clean and well kept." One bag of expired chips was removed from the same day, the establishment's only critical.

the new Chicago hot dog place in town, earned a big "great" in its inspection on Aug. 7, with no critical violations. All employees wore hats, the hot dogs were at the right temperature and it was a "very good inspection." Attached to BeeZers, dealt with one violation (milk container that was at 50 degrees). It was promptly removed and there were no other violations.

Chicken wings left out at room temperature and a hand washing sink used for purposes other than handwashing got Mandarin Pan two critical health violations on Aug. 7. Employees, however, wore hats, utensils were stored properly and allergen compliance was "great."

Everyone wore hairnets over at on Aug. 7 when Terry dropped in for an unannounced inspection. Earning a "good" inspection, the one critical focused on rags not being stored in sanitizing solution.

While receiving a good inspection, was marked for two critical violations on Aug. 8. Terry noted that "products such as shrimp and meat were stored in the same section as strawberries" and "the veggie salad unit was at 52 degrees, and should be 41."

Terry was not in and out of In and Out Convenience, as her inspections are always thorough. The convenience store on Belmont Street received a critical violation for having expired items on the shelves: five bags of Chex Mix, six bags of pretzels, salsa Combos, Slim Jims, Ritz Bitz, granola bars and Alka Seltzer. All were removed from the shelf.

A good inspection was handed to on Aug. 13, though the establishment did receive one critical violation regarding leaving a sanitizer bucket on the floor, as well as storing some food products such as lemons on the floor. The issues were corrected. Armeno Coffee Roasters received at "great inspection" in August.

LalaJava Coffeehouse on Aug. 13 received five critical violations, which involved leaving a sanitizer bucker on the floor, food products such as lemons on the floor, rags not stored in sanitizer, employees not wearing hairnets or hats, food storage containers and/or food items stored in the restroom. Terry will reinspect to see if the issues were corrected.

Editor's Note: It is important to note that while some establishments may have received critical violations, this is not uncommon, and most violations are promptly corrected.

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Susan LaDue August 31, 2012 at 12:53 PM
A useful summary - it's good to know this stuff. Thanks!
Lola Boyers September 13, 2012 at 10:47 AM
Let me start by saying I appreciate all the health inspector does for our town. I'd like to address these issues: a sanitizer bucket on the floor has the rags used for the floor. We do have sanitizer buckets in two sinks for the rags for the counters etc. The case of lemons was dropped off the night before (after close), and we didn't notice it till Jamie walked in (at 7am?). I now have crates set up for all deliveries. There were some rags not stored in sanitizer solution but some that were...in the sinks. All employees wear their hair up, but now wear either a headband (okayed by Jamie) or a hat (too hot in the summer). We are looking for hot pink hairnets or invisible ones. :) Jamie! There were no food items in the bathroom. There were a couple of cases of discontinued containers that we were going to donate...however, we just threw them out. Because of customer demand we are discontinuing use of styrofoam and bringing in more earth-friendly containers. Thank you for all you do...
Lola Boyers September 13, 2012 at 10:48 AM
Lola Boyers from Lalajava Coffeehouse


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