Got Debris? You've Got to Find a Way to Move It

Northborough does not offer roadside debris pick-up, but the town administrator said few towns do, and this one is no different.

Several people have complained to Northborough Patch, and elsewhere, that while it is nice that Northborough added additional drop-off times for debris considering the storm that hit last month, it would be more helpful if the debris could be picked up.

That service, unlike in some towns, is not offered in Northborough. John Coderre said Northborough is no different than most of the surrounding communities.

"The town of Northborough is handling it the same way all the other surrounding communities are," said Coderre. "Grafton, Marlborough, Westborough, Southborough—they are all allowing residents to bring brush to a transfer station or yard, free of charge. The only town that I'm aware of in our area that is picking up private brush is Shrewsbury. I know they have the longhorn beetle infestiation. I don't know how much that plays into that decision to do that."

Any brush within 15 feet of the side of the road, said Coderre, is roughly the town's right of way. If branches or brush fell from trees owned by the town in this right of way, it will be removed.

"We are currently in the process, through an independent contractor, going around and cleaning it up," said Coderre, who is also the acting DPW director while a search is on for a new one. "The primary focus right now is still cutting down any hanging branches over the roadway or sidewalks, and that's what the contractor is focusing on primarily. We continue to clean up the roadside brush. What we aren't picking up is brush from people's private residences. That has to be their responsibility, but we will be cleaning up debris that we are responsible for."

Anyone wishing to report fallen debris or brush that is blocking or hindering a roadway or sidewalk should call the town office at 508-393-5040.


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