Changes to the Otis Street Traffic Plan

Take note: due to changes in the sewer line, changes have been made to the existing plan.

Information as posted on the Northborough town website, courtesy of Town Engineer Fred Litchfield 

Due to the change in the position of the 8” sewer main in Otis Street (Due to the conflict with the Town’s existing drain line) we will need to make changes to the existing traffic plan.

On Thursday, Sept. 6, through the end of the day on Thursday, Sept. 13, we will need to close Otis Street from Tomblin Hill Road to 160 Otis St.

Metro will have three police details positioned at the intersection of Tomblin Hill Road and Otis, at the intersection of Lawrence Street and Otis Street and in front of 155B Otis St. to help with traffic flow. Metro will also reposition an electronic sign board at the start of Otis Street by Route 9 stating “road closed to thru traffic."

Police details will be informed that traffic going to businesses along Otis should be allowed access.

It will be necessary for all residents, employees and visitors to #97 through #107 Otis Street to access those buildings through Lawrence Street off of Route 9 ONLY. NO ACCESS to these buildings from Otis off of Route 9.

Building #135 though #172 will have access ONLY through Otis Street off Route 9, NO ACCESS to these buildings from Lawrence St or Tomblin Hill Road.

During this period Otis Street will remain two-way from Tomblin Hill
Road to Lawrence Street.

Kirby September 05, 2012 at 04:46 PM
It would be nice to include a map with this story for people unfamiliar with all street locations, such as Lawrence St.but otherwise thanks for the clear update.
PauleyKing September 05, 2012 at 05:24 PM
the last paragraph leaves me confused.....if they will be closing Otis Street from Tomblin Hill Road to 160 Otis St. then ...how... can the "During this period Otis Street will remain two-way from Tomblin Hill." happen ??
Johnny Roaster September 06, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Susan, I agree that the last paragraph is confusing. Otis is closed from Tomblin Hill to Route 9 except for local traffic coming to Armeno or Berberian Farm. Otis will remain two way from the bridge just before Lawerence up to Tomblin Hill. In other words, it will be a closed two way road for local traffic only. It should also be noted that the closure is normally just during the day from roughly 7AM to 3PM. Here is a map of the area: http://goo.gl/maps/M42x2


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