Candidate Candor: Howie Stone's Running for the Board

For the first time, Howie Stone is running for a local office.

He's a fourth generation Northborough-ite. He said people have been telling him he should run, so for the first time, Howie Stone is running for office. Specifically, the Board of Selectmen (although he did add his name at the last minute as a write-in for the 2008 election).

"I was born on Rice Ave., and grew up here," said Stone, who served on the town's recycling committee. "I've been here all my life and went to school in Northborough."

At 76 now, Stone is semi-retired, but worked may years in construction.He has three children and seven grandchildren.

Northborough Patch: What inspires you to get involved in town government?
HS: My father, in the '30s, was the water superintendent. He stayed on as the water commissioner until about 1950. I was involved because he was involved and I tagged along. In the 1950s, I did construction and water, and I worked for the highway superintendent's son, and he did all the work for the town. So I just got involved in it. I have been involved in the town all my life and I've never lived in any other town. But my worked kept me from getting involved in any committees.

NP: Why should people vote for you?
HS: I know the town, and I kind of know my way around town hall and the town stuff. I have common sense and I'm not going to throw anybody under the bus like we've been doing. I'm about the citizens.

NP: What finally inspired you to run for Board of Selectmen?
HS: I know roads and I know parks and I know about how things are run and what they should be doing. I've got plowing experience.

NP: What do you love about Northborough?
HS: It's really changed. I mean, it was a beautiful farm country. It was real country, but it just exploded when 290 came through and then 495 came in. But, I have good neighbors. And I love the schools. There are very good schools. But we've got to tend to the other stuff.

NP: What do you hope you can achieve by being on the board?
HS: I'm going to try to get where when we do things, we're going to present it to the citizens and let the citizens have a voice in it.

NP: What do you think your chances are?
HS: I think I've got a good chance of winning. I think people are fed up.

NP: How do you describe yourself politically?
HS: I'm conservative. I'm registered as an independent and not in any particular party. If we need it, I'll work for it. I like to watch where it all goes. Like free cash. How do you get free cash? There is a lot of stuff going in free cash, and I'm going to question things.

The Northborough town election is Monday, May 14, Read profiles on other board candidates and . A profile of incumbent William Pantazis is coming soon.


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