100 Marlborough Women Voted in 1890 Elections

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With local elections coming up in short order, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back at Marlborough's voting habits over the years. The state of Massachusetts has resources online, and the  can provide residents with this important data. While more recent numbers are readily available, we thought we'd start at the (available) beginning this week: 1890.

With  today, Marlborough had only 2,740 in 1890. Only males voted in statewide elections and 2,030 came out to the polls on that November 4. 

The local Marlborough elections were held on Dec. 2 and both men and women were allowed to vote. Of the registered voters, 2,505 men voted and 100 women had their say. 

Here are voter totals broken down by ward:  

Ward 1 —

Men: 334 registered; 30 voted

Women: 30 registered; 23 voted

Ward 2 —

Men: 430 registered; 400 voted

Women: 32 registered; 28 voted

Ward 3 —

Men: 426 registered; 379 voted

Women: 6 registered, 6 voted

Ward 4 —

Men: 450 registered; 411 voted

Women: 4 registered; 1 voted

Ward 5 —

Men: 358 registered; 329 voted

Women: 28 registered; 5 voted

Ward 6 —

Men: 369 registered; 343 voted

Women: 22 registered; 17 voted

Ward 7 —

Men: 361 registered; 339 voted

Women: 24 registered; 20 voted


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