Theft at SA Farms

Santo Anza Jr., owner of SA Farms in Northborough, filed a complaint that he was the victim of theft.

The owner of SA Farms has filed a larceny report, claiming that someone stole items from a trailer on his property.

Santo Anza, Jr., who owns SA Farms at 429 Whitney St., said on the evening of July 27, someone broke in to one of his landscape trailers and took several miscellaneous tools, according to the police report. The most valuable stolen items included a pole-pruner and weedwhacker, valued at approximately $1,200.

Anza said the lock on the trailer was broken, and the door was bent. Since Anza's employees had taken the trailer out to a job when the police arrived, they were unable to investigate at the time.

No evidence could be collected at the time of the initial report and there were no discernible footprints or tiremarks going in or out of the property, according to the report.

The matter is still under investigation by Northborough police. 

, having within the past year been before the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Selectmen for issues at SA Farms, which neighbors contend is a landfill masquerading as a "farm." Anza was ordered by the Zoning Board of Appeals to stop bringing in fill, which he said was to level land for farming, but he did not have to remove the earth that was already delivered.

Anza was also recently but the charges were dismissed.


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