The Last Murder in Northborough

Northborough, Massachusetts, is far from the murder capital of the world. In fact, the last one was in 1977.

It's been more than 30 years since there was a murder in town. A murder-suicide case on June 16, 1977, it occurred after husband and wife James and Patricia Burns, who were from Clinton, left an apparently-unsuccessful marriage counseling session in Northborough.

"After the session, the husband went to the car and obtained a rifle," said William Lyver, lieutenant with the Northborough police. "As the wife came down the driveway, she was shot several times. The husband then turned the gun on himself."

In the context of a violent crime resulting in the death of another, this is the only one in more than 30 years, but Lt. Lyver adds that lives are lost in other senseless ways.

"We have had numerous homicides of innocent people at the hands of impaired drivers," said Lt. Lyver. "Vehicular homicide is no less gruesome or tragic than any other homicide."



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