SA Farm Owner's Assault Charges Dismissed

Santo Anza, owner of the controversial SA Farm in Northborough, had been charged with assault and threatening to commit a crime.

WESTBOROUGH—Charges against Santo Anza Jr., owner of SA Farm, were dismissed in Westborough District Court on Thursday, June 16.

Santo Anza, 50, who lists his address as 38 Turnpike Rd. in Southborough, is the owner of the controversial SA Farm in Northborough. Anza had been charged with on May 20. Anza was accused of threatening Robert Rosenberg of 74 Coolidge Rd., a neighbor to SA Farm, 429 Whitney St., when the two men came across each other in the woods.

Anza and his farm have been in the midst of ongoing controvery in town. Concerned citizens maintain that Anza's SA Farm is "not a farm," but rather, a landfill masquerading as a farm so it can afford him certain provisions that are protected by the town's bylaws. The issue has been brought before the


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