Night-Long Vandalism Spree Leads to Probation

Also in court Thursday, a judge dismissed some charges because the alleged victim didn't wish to pursue them.

Thursday, Dec. 27

A Westborough man arrested in August in connection with a night-long vandalism and theft spree was sentenced Thursday to two years probation and ordered to undergo continued counseling and treatment. 

Lucas B. Houghton, 21, of 4 Jacob Amsden Rd., Westborough, faced multiple charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime, wanton destruction of property and larceny from a building in connection with a rash of incidents on Aug. 27 in which Houghton and a 15-year-old male from Westborough slashed window screens, spray painted fences and broke outdoor lamps. The duo were also connected to a vehicle break-in and a garage break-in, one of which resulted in the theft of credit cards later found in their possession. 

Judge Vito Virzi continued all charges without a finding for two years, placing Hougton on probation during that period and ordering him to remain drug and alcohol free and to undergo periodic and random screening. Houghton was also ordered to continue with ongoing counseling and treatment. Virzi also ordered that any additional restitution be paid to victims within two months.  

Judge Virzi also continued without a finding a separate case against Hougton in which Westborough police charged him with possession of more than one ounce of marijuana in connection with an incident in June. 


Isaiha Serrano, 34, of 27 Germinias St., Worcester, was summonsed to court on a complaint from Shrewsbury police to face charges of trespassing, possession of a burglarious instrument and attempting to commit a crime. Judge Vito Virzi dismissed all charges at the request of prosecutors, who said the alleged victim no longer wished to pursue charges.  

Nicollette A. Beshai, 27, of 216 S. Quinsigamond Ave., Shrewsbury, was summonsed to court on a complaint from Shrewsbury police to face charges of possession of a stolen or false RMV document and no inspection sticker. Judge Vito Virzi dismissed the first charge upon payment of $300 in court costs. He found Beshai responsible on the no sticker charge, fining her $50.  

Patricia A. Rabelo, 28, of 149 Main St., Marlborough, was summonsed to court on a complaint from Grafton police to face charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Judge Vito Virzi found her responsible on a decriminalized version of the charge and ordered her to pay $600 in costs and fines. 


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