Natick Woman Saves Young Girl From Burning Room

A young girl was trapped in a smoke-filled room when Laura Majkut came to her rescue Wednesday night.

A Natick woman is being credited with saving the life of a teenage girl after dragging her to safety from a burning room Wednesday night. 

Laura Majkut, an employee at the Eliot Healthcare Center nursing home, was watching television in her Franklin Street apartment when she heard pounding on the floor from her upstairs neighbor. 

"I saw the smoke and ran upstairs. It was pouring out through the cracks in the door. I banged on the door and heard the girl screaming so I banged in the door with my left shoulder." 

Majkut found a young girl in a smoke-filled room with only her foot visible through the haze.

"I couldn't see anything I just heard her screaming," Majkut said.

Natick Deputy Fire Chief Rick White said the cause of the fire, which was contained to a single bedroom and started in a mattress, is still unknown. 

"This could have been a fatal fire. If she didn't save her we might not have been there in time," White said. 

After dragging the young girl to safety, Majkut went back into the house to search for more trapped residents. After learning the house was empty, she took the teenage girl to her car for safety, Majkut said. 

The teenage girl was treated for smoke inhalation. 

"It's hard to wrap my mind around how fast everything happened. I'm just glad I was home," Majkut said. 


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