Motel 6 Owner: 'We Have Taken the Matter Seriously'

Motel 6 owner follows up with the board after updating security at the motel.

It's a "family business," but after a multitude of serious incidents and crimes that emanated from the premises at Motel 6, not only did management want to improve the problem; the town demanded it do so.

Manager Jayesh Patel reported to the  Board of Selectmen on Monday that it has, and that security—and safety—has been drastically improved.

In November, manager Jayesh Patel was called to a Board of Selectmen meeting after he and the town looked to improve conditions that were tagging the motel with a less than reputable reputation.

Patel had met with Northborough police and devised a number of updates and tactics that could be implemented to step up security, and improve the experience for guests.

Since, 99 percent of these recommendations have been implemented, according to Patel. An ID scanner has been added as part of check-in, officers regularly patrol the business, and 16 more security cameras have been installed. Also, the "secondary doors" at the motel only allow people to exit; they must return by using the main entrance. 

"I think we have taken this matter seriously," said Patel. "I think that it is working out real good for the hotel and has curbed the crime."

Northborough Police Chief Mark Leahy confirmed, "He has done an outstanding job. Life has become quieter at the Motel 6. He really stepped it up and did a wonderful job and we appreciate the cooperation to make it a wonderful environment for his guests."

The board voted that no disciplinary action would be taken against the motel.


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