Farm Owner Charged With Threatening Neighbor

Santo Anza Jr., owner of the controversial SA Farm in Northborough, was arraigned recently in Westborough District Court.

Santo Anza, owner of the controversial SA Farm in Northborough, was charged with assault and threat to commit a crime on May 20 in Westborough District Court. Anza, 41, whose address is listed as 38 Turnpike Rd. in Southbrough, is accused of threatening Robert Rosenberg of 74 Coolidge Rd., a neighbor to SA Farm, 429 Whitney St.

According to a report submitted by Trooper Michael Dimarzio, the incident occured on Dec. 4, 2010, when Dimarzio met with Northborough Officer Justin Faucher, who had taken a statement from Rosenberg.

Rosenberg said he was walking his dog on an ATV trail that goes through the property at 431 Whitney St., when he was confronted by Anza, who was holding a rifle.

In the statement, Rosenberg said it started to get dark when he heard a noise near the bottom of the trail. "He looked up and saw the figure of a man standing in front of him and that he saw the 'glow' of a cell phone up against the individual's face," reads the report. "Rosenberg then stated he recognized the man to be Santo Anza. Anza looked at him while holding the phone up to his face and stated, 'Imagine running into a *&&^ ##$@##$ out here,' and closed the phone." 

The report indicates that Rosenberg attempted to say hello to Anza, and continued walking toward him. "Then Anza stated to Rosenberg, 'If I ever catch you on my land again, I'll beat the living crap out of you.'"

Rosenberg said, according to the report, that his dog ran away in the opposite direction when Anza passed by him and walked toward the dog, stating, "Be careful, someone could mistake your dog for a deer."

Officers Faucher and Dimarzio later went to Anza's home at 25 Reservoir Rd. in Northborough to speak with Anza. When questioned, Anza allegedly said, "I didn't see anybody today. Ask my men. I was on my farm all day." 

Anza was ordered to stay away from Rosenberg and the case is set for June 16.

Anza and his SA Farm are at the heart of ongoing residential controversy, which bubbled up at a Concerned citizens maintain that Anza's SA Farm is "not a farm," but rather, a landfill masquerading as a farm so it can afford him certain provisions that are protected by the town's bylaws.

These residents publish much of their information and complaints on their Northborough Neighbors for Zoning Enforcement website.


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