At the Shops: Shoplifting; Kid Left in Car

This weekly column highlights the police action at Northborough Crossing.

Here's what has brought the Northborough cruisers to Northborough Crossing recently:

Incidents, Friday, Dec. 28

2:34 p.m.: Past hit and run

Incidents, Saturday, Dec. 29

1:47 p.m.: Medical call

Incidents, Sunday, Dec. 30

1:16 p.m.: MVA with MA 17CS69, S18629225 vs. MA K5319. Officer assisted with paperswap

2:26 p.m.: Vehicle parked in fire lane, MA US3337. Security trespassed Douglas A. Gravlin Jr. (S49887926) from Shops Way

4:06 p.m.: Party in the lobby turning in a plate he found in parking lot. CT 81CS25

Incidents, Sunday, Jan. 6

11:51 a.m.: Male shoplifter in custody, cooperative. Summons issued.

Incidents, Monday, Jan. 7

4:43 p.m.: Report of shoplifting. Summons to be issued.

Incidents, Wednesday, Jan. 9

7:13 p.m.: Security reporting child left in vehicle. MA 1644XZ. All parties spoken to, no issue.

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