MA Congressional Delegation Supports Disaster Request

This week, readers told Patch when they turned on heat, vented about power outages and new Halloween date is bad news for one event.

Scott Zoback, from the office of State Representative James P. McGovern, D-Worcester, tells us that . The letter was also signed by nine other Massachusetts State Representatives and the Commonwealth's two State Senators, these 12 individuals comprising the Massachusetts Congressional delegation.

This document was in support of the request of Governor Deval Patrick to receive federal funding to help Massachusetts with the costs of damage caused by the weekend Nor'easter stating that "the magnitude, scope and severity of the storm that began on Oct. 29 and ended on Oct. 30, are beyond the response capabilities of the Commonwealth and affected local governments. Accordingly, we are seeking the approval of Governor Patrick’s request for Federal Assistance, Category B, including direct Federal assistance for the counties of Berkshire, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester."

Northborough Patch readers were . This was done on Thursday when the forecast promised a small amount of snow overnight into Friday. While the numbers were close, the highest percentage, 38 percent of the 26 voters, reported that they "Turned on the heat weeks ago." Another 26 percent of the polltakers chose the option, "Nope, I'm still holding out."

Reader Jane comments on this: "New Englanders seem to take pride in not turning their heat on before November 1 or some designated date, but what's the deal? Obviously, we all want to economize, minimize home heating costs, etc., but when the temperature drops and it's cold, rainy/snowy, and the house is cold, it's time to put on the heat regardless of the calendar date. I've been listening to people boast that they haven't put their heat on yet but how comfortable are they in their homes? Isn't comfort worth something?"

Those 26 percent may have felt differently if they had looked at Thursday night's storm as a harbinger to the weekend's widespread power outages, not allowing most people to turn on their heat regardless of the date! As of .

Many readers expressed frustration at having their power out for an extended period of time and did not feel validated by their power company, National Grid. Diane says, "Any updates from National Grid besides 'maybe by end of day Thursday?'" David replied to her, "Nope. Try to click on the [National Grid] link in this article. You get the same nothing service. Why do Marlborough and Westborough have power but Northborough doesn't?"

Chris said, "With the pattern of longer and longer outages it is obvious that National Grid is incapable of dealing with these storms...Why is Shrewsbury with its independent utility able to stay on but Northboro being served by the monsterous [National Grid] goes down when the wind blows? After "Hurricane" Irene, why did it take [National Grid] almost a week to repair the downed lines on Collins Road?"

Dee turns to Northborough Patch in her comment, "Please try to leave us some type of baseline . It's cold."

Christine Cobb, co-secretary of the Northborough/Southborough Special Education Parents Advisory Council, has announced that the Comedy Hypnosis Show scheduled for Friday, Nov. 4 has been canceled. Anyone who has already paid for this event should check their email for information about how to obtain a refund. The reason for the cancellation is because the on the same date. Children and parents plan to be out trick-or-treating.


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