Tilz, Toys for Tots and Turkey Trots—What We Learned

Here's what we like to think you learned from Patch this week. If not, here's your chance.

Remember that snowstorm at the end of October? Of course you do. Well, it forced the rescheduling of a lot of events. One of them was Rachel's Challenge, which is coming to the

Speaking of the snowstorm, The fact is, said Town Administrator John Coderre, that many towns don't offer this service—and neither does Northborough. It's a DIY situation, except where town property is concerned.

is once again spearheading the There are a variety of drop-off points in town, and the kids really need you this year.

Some concerned citizens are saying they were that they tried to attend meetings that never took place.

takes a peek at the enrollment numbers for the Northborough elementary school.

is an institution around these parts, and we

Hosted by that dynamic lady who owns the Core Connection, this year's . Before everyone ate that morning, they ran.

Thinking about volunteering?

A lot of holiday cheer is sent with a stamp, and this week, Northborough Patch gave you the including where to send Santa's mail (he does not have a PO Box).


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