Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is part of escaping, right? This week, escape to a workshop designed to help you do just that.

Each week, we'll tell you about one great idea to give you a much deserved break from the stress of the work-week and your everyday lives. This week, escape from the evening routine and learn some natural ways to manage stress and enjoy happiness.

It's not easy being a parent these days. Over-programming ourselves and our children happens in the blink of an eye, and before we know it, the entire household is stressed. The less time you make for yourself, the harder it becomes to handle any unexpected glitches in the week.

Getting away from it all is a good start, but next Monday, there's even more you can do to help manage your stress levels. Escape to Northboro Chiropractic's Less Stress and More Happiness workshop and learn how to look at your stress from a healthy point of view and reduce your stress naturally.

Dr. Karen Moriarty will guide you through understanding the physiology and psychology of stress, help you learn how to transform your instinctive stress response and gain a healthier perspective to managing stress. You'll learn simple strategies that create a positive and peaceful future and how your lifestyle and the Emotional Freedom Technique can help in reducing stress.

Are you feeling more peaceful already?

More details:
Northboro Chiropractic
6 Maple St., Northborough
Less Stress and More Happiness Workshop
Monday, March 14 from 6:15-8:00
Call 508-393-2513 or email reception@northborochiropractic.com to reserve seat


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