Readers Say the Best Cup of Java's at Lalajava

Northborough Patch readers overwhelmingly voted for Lalajava Coffeehouse as having the best cup in town.

Patch reader "Laurel" wrote, "Love LALA JAVA!!!! The service and quality is amazing! Nice to see this kind of service and quality still is avail in our modern day drive thru world. Happy to park and go inside for the relaxed vibe and friendly service. When considering any other place on the list, ask yourself this.... When is the last time someone served you a quality product (the way you actually ordered it) with a REAL smile and told you to have a nice day and actual meant it?"

Apparently, many agree with her.

Coffee drinkers in Northborough voted , overwhelmingly, as having the best cup in town. In fact, the shop won 89 percent of the vote.

"Thank you too all who voted us the 'best cup," said Scott Boyers, who owns LalaJava with wife Lala. "We enjoy being and are proud to be such a big part of Northboro and the surrounding communities. We appreciate the support and that you made Lalajava the locals "hot spot to chill"  We were confident we would rank high in the local Northboro poll."

Boyers said that the Lalajava Legendary House Blend, in particular, has won national award many years over, and its Smooth as Silk blend achieved a review of "world's smoothest coffee." Lala's flavored coffees are season and include Snugglenut, Vanilla Nutcracker, Jingle Bell Java, Jamaican Me Crazy, Mudslide Mambo and Cocobana. There are approximately 30 different flavored coffees offered throughout the seasons.

"Our proprietary blends and Arabica coffees from around the world total around 12 yearround," said Boyers, "not to mention our lineup of specialty coffee drinks, such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos in steamed, iced and frozen blended varieties."

Proper brewing equipment as well as water filtering, he adds, are equally important in pursuit of the best cup. Lalajava Coffeehouse has "developed a very sophisticated customer base that understands and appreciates the effort it takes to deliver high quality coffees."


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