Reactions to Post Office Changes and More Talk on Intersections

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Highlights of the Week:

Currently, we've got 897 fans liking us on Facebook, which is a great thing. We've also got 620 followers on Twitter, with numbers growing every day. Here are some highlights of what took place this week:

1. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." is the unofficial motto of the United States Postal Service (USPS). This week, Marlborough Patch readers had a lot to say about the proposed changes to the well-known business. While many sympathize with workers losing their jobs, the announcement does not come as a surprise. "I have a brother who is a mailman, and I hope this doesn't affect him, but I'm sure it will. But along with everyone else, I've been paying bills online for years now. Everything has moved online so this announcement seems inevitable." says one commenter on the article.

Others feel that the changes are something they could live with. "...I think that personal, hand-written thank-you notes cannot and should not be replaced. As long as I continue to get these letters and notes, I don't care if they're a day or two late." A lot of people expressed frustration about junk mail mentioning how it is easy to discard an important piece of mail accidentally along with the unnecessary mail, the amount of paper used and how much it costs. "We will all adapt to slower mail service. Personally, I think they should charge substantially more for junk mail postage. Why should it cost me 44 cents to send a letter when junk mail is sent for less than 6 cents? I have no desire to subsidize junk mail!"

2. A 29-year-old woman, Melissa Martin, and a 40-year-old man, Patrick Ryan, have been  each after Martin allegedly stole a purse from a 62-year-old woman shopping at  and later assaulted her. Ryan is accused of helping Martin escape by holding the victim's shoulders when she attempted to go after Martin, who fled to .

Marlborough Patch covers the story in an . This news caught the attention of readers both on Facebook and in the comments section of the article. Marlborough Patch is working on a follow-up story about what it was like for the Price Chopper employees who aided the victim. One reader comments, "I've read and re-read this in disgust and disbelief. To rob and assault a senior citizen in a public place where she should feel safe is horrible." Another commenter feels confident that the authorities will continue to handle the case well, "...I'm happy to know that the courts can decide her fate and deal with her consequences..." On Facebook, this comment clearly shows this reader's anger, "...Let's hope they stay in jail."

3. There was more discussion this week on what readers think is the most dangerous intersection in Marlborough. To see Marlborough Patch's video, story and reader poll . Facebook readers were also asked to comment on this back in November. This week's poll showed that 57 percent of the 61 voters chose Rte. 20 and Concord Road as the most dangerous option from the list.

In the comments, readers mentioned Rte. 85 and Framingham Road and Rte. 85 and nearby Acre Bridge Road the highest amount of times as being the most hazardous. Tied for second place was Phelps Street and Rte. 20.  While some people supported putting a traffic light there or at the corner of Peters Ave. and Rte. 20, one reader was very much against it. "Don't put another light on Route 20! Enough people cut down Curtis Ave, to Cook Lane and down to Farm Road to bypass [Rte.] 20. The traffic on Cook [Lane] is going to be horrid enough once all those home are built, and putting another traffic light onto Rte. 20 will make it even worse."

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Social Media Page of the Week

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