OPINION: Empowering Your Kids

Unlock the key to your child’s potential.

In this dog-eat-dog world in which children are exposed to pressures and experiences which strip them of their innocence far too early, it is more important than ever to empower our children with the self confidence to hold their own. By empowering them, we help them to develop the skills necessary to have power over their own lives and the courage and strength to successfully conquer whatever obstacles life presents.

The road to empowerment starts early. It begins with fostering our children’s self worth by letting them know that they are important to us. When we do this, we plant the seeds for developing an “I can do it” attitude. As children become teenagers and, later, young adults, this attitude translates into self confidence and an ability to make good decisions - ultimately giving them the power to say NO.

By adopting the idea that we can love the child, but hate his behavior, we are able to nurture and build self esteem in discipline situations. Parents must practice unconditional love and foster forgiveness. If we do, we create an environment in which confidence is cultivated and which helps our children to feel good about themselves. 

Reduce the use of “and’s” and “but’s” in conversations with your children to keep the focus on them - not adding qualifiers. Offer sincere compliments and positive feedback and let your child know that their efforts and achievements are the best that they can do. Be their biggest fan and let them know you support them in all endeavors.

Children who are empowered persevere when obstacles such as bullies, poor grades, mistakes, and disappointments arise. And they will. 

Unlock the key to your child’s potential by empowering them to be and do their very best and to make good decisions for their lives. By cultivating your children’s self worth, you equip them with the tools necessary to follow their dreams.

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