OPINION: Am I Eating Too Much?

Many female clients worry about eating too much on a sensible meal plan. For many, six meals a day can seem like an unusual amount to be eating. Keep reading to find out why it's beneficial to adopt these eating habits.

Developing good eating habits is an issue for most individuals beginning any type of exercise program. This happens because these new habits typically challenge all of the preconceptions that people have about healthy eating. One of the basic rules of solid nutrition is eating six small meals a day on a timely schedule. Many female clients that adopt this new form of eating ask if they are eating too much. In other words, they perceive six small meals as being too much food. It’s understandable if they’re used to eating two or three meals per day spaced out over long periods of time. They shouldn't’t worry about eating too much on a balanced nutritional plan.

First off, your metabolism is a calorie furnace. Metabolism can be defined as all the chemical processes that occur within an organism to sustain life. These chemical processes require energy. Food provides the necessary energy to sustain all of your systemic processes. What would happen if you consistently deprived your body of nutrients over a period of time? Your metabolism would slow down. The body is self-regulating in that regard. If it perceives a shortage of calories your body will revert itself to conservation mode. The way the body stores energy is by storing calories as fat.

The fact that eating less can lead to increased fat storage seems counter intuitive. Look at it this way: if your metabolism was a campfire, how would you ensure that it keeps burning? You would keep adding wood, right? The same thing happens with your metabolism. When you keep introducing the appropriate nutrients at appropriate times the body doesn’t hold on to the calories coming in. By this logic, some individuals might perceive that cutting calories is a bad thing or that they should eat more of the foods they currently eat.  Truthfully, calorie cutting has its place.

Many individuals would equate calorie cutting to simply not eating, or radically reducing their food intake. This isn’t the most effective or safest way of cutting calories. If you were to take the total calorie count of your day and divide it over six meals, it will help you keep a steady stream of nutrients in your body. Furthermore, if you lowered the calorie content in each meal, you would achieve the same metabolic effect while shaving off calories. Here is a for instance: you order a burger fries and a coke versus a burger fries and a water. Yes, these foods aren’t particularly healthy for you, but you’d have saved yourself 140 calories in the can of coke by picking the water. Simple substitutions like this are the perfect way to help you ease into new eating habits.

The other thing to consider when it comes to eating is portion control. Most health experts agree on six small meals a day. These small meals should have appropriate portions and have quality calories. Guacamole for instance, is a perfectly healthy snack that provides good calories from quality fats. You should not however, over indulge and polish off more than one serving by yourself.  Eating six small quality meals will definitely help keep your metabolism revving. Are you eating too much? Not if you stick to those guide lines. When you’re following a sensible meal plan of this nature the biggest pit fall is not eating enough.

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