How Do You Talk to Your Kids About Bullying?

It's an important, and sensitive subject. Bullying — how do you talk to your kids about it, and when?

Wednesday's here, and we're asking that you talk. Talk amongst yourselves, but here, on Patch. Northborough Patch is inviting you to join the conversation. Help your circle of friends. Help build a community of support for mothers and their families right here in Northborough.

Each week, our Moms Council of experts and smart moms take your questions, give advice and share solutions. We'd love for you, too, to submit a question.

If you have ideas, send them to charlene.arsenault@patch.com. If we pick yours, we'll send you a Patch magnet.

This week, we ask, how do you talk to your kids about the subject of bullying? Has your child ever been the target of bullying? Has your child ever had to be spoken to about bullying? Are you aware of the laws? How would you respond/react if your child were bullied, or bullied?

Let's hear your thoughts on this subject below.


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