Condoms for 12-Year-Olds? [POLL]

A Massachusetts school committee learns that counseling will be provided to students on the proper storage and use of condoms, if it approves of a health program.


The Springfield School Committee voted in favor of a Comprehensive Reproductive Health Policy which includes providing condoms for students as young as 12-years-old. This is the first vote of two needed to implement the program.

According to a report by The Huffington Post, the policy “aims to promote safe sex, prevent sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.”

Springfield has the fourth highest teen birth rate in the state as of 2009, the most recent year for which statistics are available. Holyoke tops that list. Proponents say that teen pregnancy is a leading cause for dropping out of school.

If the program is approved, it will enable school nurses to provide condoms to students. Students requesting the condoms will be counseled on proper storage and use and also counseled on abstinence. Parents will be able to opt out of the program, if they do not want a child to participate.

In today’s poll, we want to know what you think. Is the Springfield School Committee making the right decision to protect the health and safety of children and to control the rate of teen pregnancy?

Debra Claxton March 22, 2012 at 09:22 PM
John, You misunderstood me. I explained everything about sex, love, and responsibility to my children before 5th grade. My hope was that they did not learn anything new. And actually, my father was agnostic and my mom was presbyterian.
Debra Claxton March 22, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Paul, I have two teenagers. I know kids have sex everywhere! I agree with you about availability and education. It is proven that kids wait longer when they are educated. My unintended dig at Springfield, only meant perhaps their parents were not as involved and open about sex education. I should not have assumed. (!)
John Laurence March 23, 2012 at 10:08 AM
Condoms/contraception is/are never 100% effective. Ergo - unwanted pregnancies. When pregnant - what are the possible choices? 1) Abortion (which is legal - unfortunately) 2) Adoption (giving up the child after carrying full term) 3) Keep the child (with a loving supportive surrounding - which is not likely for a child having a child). All three choices carry huge possible guilt/regret trips, do they not? Given this reality, does it make sense to encourage children to engage in sex even with so called protection? I think not. The consequences are dire to say the least! You, yourself sound like you have had great pain associated with adoption. My niece lived a painful lifetime in search of her birth parents. I never met a woman who didn't carry the burden of 'unknowing' how the child they gave up for adoption is doing. How can a mother forget her child? What is up with all this anger in your multiple entries? Surely I am entitled to an opinion, am I not? I think it is a question of being misunderstood... We are all adopted as children of God made in His Image and likeness...thankfully. This is why we consider human life so precious! We feel for one another when we go through pain and suffering. I suppose had I used the word 'forced' or 'coerced' adoption originally, you would have understood me from the start. Understanding takes time and patience! It is good to dialogue but I must admit the anger you vented and demonstrated was difficult to handle! God bless!
Paul Bishop March 23, 2012 at 10:45 AM
John, condoms are much more effective than foolishly believing that teenages won't experiment and have sex if you pray hard enough. As for my irritation, it might have something to do with your attacks and your sanctimonious, nonsensical, and insulting remarks. Hiding your nastiness behind a cross is both ineffective and demeaning to people who do have a bit of faith instead of using a supposed faith to demean others. Lastly, John, you can trust that if you decide to try to take shots... Some people are not afraid to shut your nonsense down. I disregard the cross you hide behind because it's not your cross.. If it were, you wouldn't be taking unprovoked shots at folks from behind it. I am far from anti-faith. I am however deeply against people who puport a belief, when all they really want to believe is that they are somehow superior to the Heathen..
Paul Bishop March 23, 2012 at 11:23 AM
John, Springfield has decided to defy the religious extremists and try to implement something that might actually be a partial solution to this very real health and societal issue. They are rejecting blind, ineffective dogma and trying something that is based on decades of real people in real lives. It takes guts to stand up to people who claim God tells them things. Good for Springfield. Given your attitudes, I can understand why you made your neice feel terrible. I want to know if you felt good doing it. We people who live adoption don't respond to the subject that way.. It takes someone who knows little but speaks with venom to make a person feel that way. How proud you must be to inform her how much better you are..


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