Hometown Gifts for Hometown Dads

The right gift for just about any dad is just around the corner.

There are all kinds of dads, but the Northborough area can probably supply something for just about any kind of dad, and in any kind of price range.

Sports Dad

A jersey from his favorite team is available at just about any of the area’s sporting goods or department stores, but Sports Dad might also appreciate his family getting creative. Keep in mind, Dick's Sporting Goods celebrates its grand opening this weekend at Northborough Crossing.

For the dad who grew up on the Karate Kid, it might just be a dream to learn his own moves: get him a class at Kim’s Tae Kwon Do, 247 W. Main St. or T Rose’s Karate School, 386 W. Main St.

Whether he gets to indulge often or rarely, many a dad would love a round of golf at a local club, or perhaps a chance to take a lesson. Make it a chance for everyone to learn, or for dad to help the kids with their swing as well. Consider a lesson (or several) at the Golf Teaching Center Incorporated, 142 School St., part of or at . Or just go hit a bucket of balls with Dad.

Dads who already run marathons or ride in bicycle races might need a little sports pampering: get him a massage at;. Gift certificates are available.

It might be a trip down memory lane as well for dad to head to to knock down some candlepins. Call first to be sure they’re open.

Party Dad

Every dad’s got a vices or two, so just for today, why not let him indulge a few?

If Dad’s into beers, give him a taste of the good life with one of the so-called craft beers available at wine, liquor & beer department. Make a basket with a sample of several and let dad pick his favorite (and take note for next year).

If Dad’s a biker ― or a wannabe ― stop by and get Dad a T-shirt with his favorite bike (play “Born to be Wild” while he opens it, for atmosphere!).

Every dad

Coffee and tea are popular with everybody and Northborough abounds with places to get Dad a special coffee, a travel mug, a mug for home or even a t-shirt. ; ; ; Tazza D Oro, 35 Solomon Pond Rd.; and now Starbucks at Northborough Crossing.

And since every dad has a phone these days, browsing the phone accessories aisle will definitely yield ideas: a hands-free system, a case for his phone that helps him find it quickly (in the dark, maybe?), most can be found at any department store. Or go online and download dad’s favorite song to his ringtones.

Make dad a photo enlargement or draw him a picture and get it framed at . Or if dad’s wallet photo of you includes an embarrassing hairdo from another decade, snap a close-up and have wallet-size prints made (any photo department; CVS charges $6.99 for an instant sheet of 9 wallets of the same pose; $3.99 if you wait for development; you bring the photo).

Plugged-in Pop

If dad’s car hasn’t got built-in GPS or his phone won’t do it, getting him a hand-held GPS will not only net you a smile, but make sure the whole family arrives on time. GPS units start at around $90 at .

Also at BJs, if Dad doesn’t have an IPod or MP3 player, consider getting him one (they start as low as $45 and go as high as you can stand!) and loading up the tunes you know he loves (or get an ITunes card ― they come in many denominations ― just to be safe and let him pick some himself).

Free stuff!

Give Dad a break from some of his household chores by making sure he doesn’t have to mow the lawn this week.

Make Dad a video listing what you love about him as a dad (you can do it with most cameras or cell phones) and post it on YouTube (leave out anything too personal that could compromise your family’s safety, like your home address and phone number), if dad’s the type who has heard of YouTube!

All possible efforts have been made to be sure the businesses mentioned in this story are open and have the products mentioned at the prices quoted. The citations above are in no way intended to be an endorsement of a product or business.


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