In Case You're Looking for a Cockpit Simulator

This new column checks in on what's up for bid on eBay, what's for sale on craigslist and what's up on freecycle.org.

On eBay, there's an opportunity to grab some pieces of local history. Collectors may be interested in a piece of mail dated in the 1880s to a resident in Northborough. There are also quite a few replicas available of the Josiah Coleman Kent book Northborough History available.

An antique map is up for a "buy it now" on eBay for $9.99. Not sure what the chief would think of this one, but there's a brand new Northborough police badge up for grabs for a "buy it now" price of $4.99.

Did you happen to lose your 1977 yearbook from Algonquin Regional High School. Well, for $39.99 you can bid on one from seller "grannyspalapa."

A 1950s matchbook that says "Old Post Road, Dining in Elegance, Northboro, Mass." can be yours for $4.74.

A "Friendship Cookbook" in acceptable condition is up for a buy it now, as well, on eBay. The book was produced by the Northborough Newcomers Club.

On Craigslist, someone is selling their VW Golf, a '96, for $950. It's got dents and 186,000 miles on it. Maybe you could talk him down. A brand new, never used, Thule 724 flat-top four-ski rooftop that holds up to four pairs of skis is being sold in town for only $75. And if you know what this is, chances are you'll be interested. Someone is selling a F18 full cockpit simulator for the low low price of $25,000.


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