Wyatt Kicks Off Campaign with Six Town Tour

State representative candidate focuses on jobs, education.

Brad Wyatt launches campaign. Courtesy
Brad Wyatt launches campaign. Courtesy

State Representative candidate Brad Wyatt kicked off his campaign for ‘Good Jobs, Great Schools, and Lower Taxes for Working Families’ recently with a district wide announcement with many local supporters throughout the six towns of the 12th Worcester District (Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough, and Sterling).

In Clinton, Sheriff Lew Evangelidis introduced Brad Wyatt at the first stop in front of The Strand Theatre on High Street where his grandmother ran a dress shop in the 1940’s.  

“I’m proud to be here today in Clinton in support of Brad Wyatt’s campaign announcement, where his grandparents grew up and worked towards the American dream.  Brad has the business and professional experience to lead the fight to create and maintain good paying jobs here in Central Massachusetts”

Brad recognized Chris Geneva, a former employee at his manufacturing company, New England Diamond Corporation.  

“N-E-D manufactured diamond cutting tools and distributed them all over the world, bringing tens of millions of dollars in revenue into Central Massachusetts and creating Good Jobs.  Having worked directly with Brad, Chris stated, “Brad will fight to make sure that good jobs stay in Clinton!” 

In front of the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, Brad pointed out longtime Worcester Rotarian and Lancaster resident Frank Doherty.  “Frank and I worked together to help grow the Worcester Rotary Club, and give back to our communities with charities such as the Salvation Army, Be Like Brit, and the Rotary Education Fund.  If I’m fortunate enough to represent Lancaster at the State House, I look forward to working with Frank and others to improve the lives of those who need a hand up.”

In front of the 1835 Town Hall in Sterling, Brad stressed the importance of local community control of education, “For the last couple months, my 4th grader Hannah rehearsed with Crescendo Theater here at the 1835 Town Hall.  It’s critical that local communities have control over educational spending to make sure all our public schools can prioritize and fund the Arts,” said Wyatt.

On the steps of the 1870 Old Town Hall in Berlin, surrounded by many parents and children, Brad spoke about the dedication of teachers like Sarah Richards, the music teacher for Berlin Memorial and Boylston Elementary who engage students, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 

“Our community is better off thanks to great teachers who go the extra mile and inspire our children to reach for the stars.  I see so many happy faces on the kids and the parents during recitals at the schools”

At the Northborough Free Public Library, Brad recounted how his son was tutored for SAT preparation classes there.  

“What a beautiful facility that supports our community with meeting and educational space.   This campaign believes in the importance of local aid and investing in community resources like the Northborough Public Library, which serve our families and students.” 

Finally, at Tahanto Regional Middle High School, Brad mentioned how critical it is that State government and municipal government work together to create Great Schools.  “Our school children deserve equal opportunity in Massachusetts.  The current Chapter 70, local aid funding formula unfairly penalizes our Central Massachusetts students.  As your next State Representative, I will work hard to build coalitions with other State Representatives that also serve underfunded municipalities and push to revisit the funding formula and demand a new educational adequacy study.  Due to a lack of adequate state education funding, our town Finance Committees and Selectmen too often are forced to choose between suggesting a property tax increase or funding education by reducing other safety services like police, fire, and street repairs.”

Wyatt shared a brief story about what got him involved in School Committee, and why he is now running for State Representative. 

“In 2009, my daughter began kindergarten, and I wanted to make sure she had a terrific educational experience and opportunity to excel.  Serving on the School Committee for 5 years now, I see firsthand that many important operational decisions once made by our local school district are now mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  I am running to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and put our local administrations, teachers, and parents back in charge of the classroom.”

Wyatt concluded with “I know that you can spend your money more efficiently than the government, and Lower Taxes for Working Families will grow the economy, jobs, and tax revenues”.  He recited a quote from John F. Kennedy, “"Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased – not a reduced – flow of revenues to the federal government."

Wyatt is a candidate for State Representative of the Twelfth Worcester District, running in the open seat to succeed State Representative Harold Naughton.  More information about Wyatt and his campaign are available at BradWyatt.com, or by contacting his campaign at brad@bradwyatt.com or 508-444-2582.

Submitted by the Brad Wyatt campaign.


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