Torso of Dead Woman Mailed to Local Office

Don't you hate when that happens?

The torso of a dead woman was mistakenly mailed to headquarters in Westborough. The unexpected package was delivered on Friday.

According to the Huffington Post, the body was being mailed to a research lab in Florida, but a misprinted shipping label sent it to the building at 25 Research Dr.

Westborough Police Sgt. Jonathan Kalagher told WBZ news that the package wasn’t opened because an employee noticed the content description on the label and notified a supervisor. "They started opening the package and they saw the description of what they were opening, that it was a torso of a female," he told the station. "They never saw the torso. They saw there was packaging and some type of gel. They immediately notified their supervisor."

Employees at the company made arrangements to have the body delivered to the Florida lab.


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