The Best Spots for a Picnic

Patch Picks focuses on five good spots to throw down the blanket and basket.

1.Ellsworth-McAfee Park - Located on Route 135 in Northborough, this huge canvas of land offers multiple locations to set up lunch shop. Plus, there's lots of room for sporty stuff and frolicking. Not frolicking like the opening to "Little House on the Prairie," mind you, but more of the skipping through mowed fields type.

2. - On South Street, this park has an enclosed play area, but is surrounded by sprawling hills and woods, as well as a few picnic tables and grills.

3. Coyote Trail - According to trailpeak.com, this trail off Route 20 winds through woods, brooks and farm fields. There are stops along the way, too, that are perfect for a picnic. Keep this in mind, though: chips travel better than a potato salad, as nice as it may seem in theory.

4. Trails galore - There are lots of trails in Northborough, and the best way to find out about them is to visit the Northborough Trails Committee site, which details the locations, intensity of the hike, and of course the best place to park a picnic.

5. The front lawn of the police station: just kidding, don't do that.


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